The Forging of a Great Company

“Our Commitment to Good Business Practices and our Founding Operating Philosophies is our Past, Present and Future.”

Our Foundation
Our business is built around a core belief; integrity will be the key to everything we do. Integrity sets you above the crowd. The vision for CMC was developed in great detail with precision for long term execution. Today, it is the foundation for not only growing a strong organization, it is also a statement for how we practice business and our commitments to doing business with our customers.

Our Facilities
Our vision, is for CMC to be the confident, innovative and reliable forging partner to handle the design, engineering, manufacturing, machining, logistics and warehousing needs for our customers. This is part of CMC ’s understanding of our customer’s livelihood, as manufacturers and distributors, who depend on the expediency and security of a strong supply chain.

To support our customers, CMC operates a 12,000 sq ft facility in Scarborough, Ontario. Press Equipment ranges from 100 ton to 630 tons. Most importantly CMC facilities and infrastructure help ensure just-in-time delivery needs while reducing turn-around and warehousing costs associated with overseas vendors.

Our Team
CMC is a privately owned corporation, CMC’s company culture, starts with people bringing the strength and foundation to CMC’s success. Our team collectively has over 200 years experience in forging, machining and engineering with non-ferrous material.

In addition to experience, the unique advantage CMC’s team brings our customer’s is the absolute belief that everyone in the operation needs to become involved in every part of the operation. It goes beyond knowing that CMC has team culture, it is the understanding that Administration, Engineering, Production and Maintenance must all get their hands dirty, get involved and know what it takes to get an order from concept to delivery with the understanding of what a strong team commitment means to doing what we are asked to do to improve and maintain our customer’s business for their customers.

  • CMC Philosophy is that the people are the organization. The right people make business exciting, enjoyable and more importantly profitable; creating security for the customer. Reducing inventory, implementing quick tooling changeover and designing engineering improvements for both processes and products are their strengths and achievements.

CMC Forgings
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