At CMC we are committed to offer and deliver the following;

  • CMC Forgings will meet or improve your current cost structure while reducing your inventory. We will guarantee quotation turnaround in less than 48 hours.
  • CMC will improve on the turnaround time from order to delivery. If you require just-in-time delivery requirements we will meet your production needs.
  • Skilled in quick die change; if required, CMC offers small size production runs of less than 2,000 pieces.
  • The shop floor supervisory workforce is multi-skilled with over 80 years of experience in production, process engineering and tooling experience.
  • Keeping costs low and quality high with a non-union workforce ensuring an uninterrupted production environment.
  • Proto-type tooling design and tooling repair.
  • Ongoing Ecological and Green Product Choices - With Lead-Free Brass Alternatives CMC has extensive experience in forging and offering this non-ferrous ecological material to get consumers ready for pending legislation for lead-free potable water systems.
We realize that piece price is important. Consider as well the additional costs of:

  • Overseas Cost of Inventory - What is the cost when purchasing in Asia? often in four locations at the manufacturer in transport at the warehouse and at your facility. We are a North American Company and can respond quickly to your needs.

  • Quality & Delivery Problems - Do you have a risk Management Plan that includes a domestic supplier who can respond quickly should a problem occur which could threaten your supply chain?

  • Contingency Plans - What plans do you have in the case of a natural disaster that could disrupt your supply chain? At CMC we will be ready to increase our output to ensure the supply chain remains intact.

  • Low Volumes - Low volume is often not best suited for overseas suppliers. At CMC we will service your low volume needs and provide security of supply by producing 20% of your high volume requirements whether you are currently being supplied from Asia, Mexico or domestically.

CMC Forgings
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